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Granting Wishes For Our Heroes

Granting Wishes For Our Heroes

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One small organization is making a big difference for military families at Fort Hood and across the country. After granting more than 1,000 wishes in less than three years, Wish For Our Heroes is hoping to make a names for itself in Central Texas.

"You're not actually sight seeing," said a soldier to his wife via Skype. "You're there to see some of your favorite actors from your favorite show Army Wives." His wife's response? An overwhelming, "What!"

"It means so much to us," said a Boy Scout. "Thank you very much," said his Boy Scout Leader, when a troop of military families receive supplies after their camping equipment was stolen.

"Its been my dream to see my family in Germany and they really made that happen in my life," said Kiara Brewster, who's father is a soldier and had her wish granted too.

It's all thanks to "Wish For Our Heroes," a non-profit organization dedicated to helping military families.

"If you serve our country and you have a need or a wish, we're here for you," said Wish for Our Heroes Vice President, Alton Brister.

Whether it's groceries or medical needs, they want to help.

Kiara was born with double outlet with hypoplastic left ventricle. She's had heart repair surgery and doctors didn't know how long she had to live.

Her mother is from Germany and never met her family, but Wish for Our Heroes was able to send them there.

"They helped me with my life," said Kiara. "I just got to see my family and they helped me see them."

CLICK HERE for more information on how to donate to Wish For Our Heroes and help grant wishes to military families.